Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Sparkling Sweater and Shoes

Outfit of the week.....
My mom had a holiday party at her house this past week and I went shopping with some of my family, this is what I wore......

Sequin Sweater - H&M
Sequin Uggs - Ugg Australia
Ring & Hoop earrings - Styles of Candyland

Jeans - Hollister Co.

Nail Polish - Wet n Wild - Need a Refresh/ Mint
Lip Glass - MAC - Underage 
I was casual because of the jeans, sweater and Uggs.  But Glamorous because most of it was embellished with sequins :-) LOVE!!
Here's to Sequins!!!!
Hope everyone had wonderful Christmas Celebrations!!! :-)
KISS KISS -  <3 Candy Girl

Friday, December 14, 2012

Fashion and Silly Fun!

Here's my outfit of the week!....... Laylah had a dentist appointment,  It was my only reason to get dressed so I had to "go all out" haha  I JUST WANT TO DRESS UP! I'm such a girl! :-)

Shirt - Button up Cut out wing back blouse - Windsor
Leopard Lace Bra - Burlington Coat Factory
Black Stretch pants with lace up back - Burlington Coat Factory
Shoes - Black lace up Rubber Cork Wedge Ankle Boot- T.J.Max

I later added this hat leopard hat from Old Navy 
Necklace - Oversize Gold Chain - Styles of Candyland

Eyes - Cat Eye w/ MAC Fluid Line & Eyelashes - Salon Perfect 102 Demi
Lip Stick - Cover Girl - Euphoria
Nail Polish - Revlon - Vixen
Square Crystal Ring - Styles of Candyland

Amore buckle bracelet - Styles of Candyland

IPad Photo Shoot with Laylah :-)

Funny IPad Photo Shoot with myself :-) hahahahaha
This was a great outfit to be out and about with my kids.  The Cork Wedge shoe was not too high and the rubber wedge made for bouncy comfort. 
Here's to Being Silly and Stylish
Love Candy Girl :-)


Thursday, December 6, 2012

Favorite Christmas Decor

ALLLL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IISSS YYYOOOUUUUU--UUUU... YOUUUUU- U- U BAYBA (In my Mariah Carey voice, because I sound just like her). Don't even say it because I know it's true! ;-)

I want to share some materialistic things that make me smile around the Christmas holidays that I can wake up too and see in my own home. 

Of course I love the TREE........ this year Laylah is older and helped out a lot. First I let her and Scarlett decorate it while I was cooking one night and all the ornaments ended up in the bottom front part of the tree :-) (wish I took a pic) I really like to decorate Christmas in winter white golds, silvers, hints of red and green. My fiance insist we keep the tradition alive with allllllll the colors so I always have to settle for the different colored lights. :-( but it still looks beautiful. :-)

Then we have the one and only Mariah Carey Merry Christmas CD, the one from the 90's, not her newest although I enjoy that one as well.  I know I can download it to my phone, listen to it from the net, my computer, lap top, satellite radio, ITunes, Pandora or whatever but there is nothing like having the CD! :-) Mariah Carey is a MUST at Christmas!!


Next we have my growing Christmas town.  I have always admired these things since I was a little girl.  So when they were discounted in my face at Big Lots a couple years ago I had to have them.  The house and toy store no longer light up because of corrosion on the battery thingy (I'm sure there is some way to get it off but guess I don't feel like it at the moment?)  The big church is my staple piece!  If I was someone in the town I'd be Ice skating!!!......

Here are some very special traditional ornaments that I will keep forever! They represent my children and my mother still puts ours on her tree as well (Last I checked). The bassinet stroller is Scarlett's and the picture is Laylah.  Although They are both cracked do to a certain 4 year old I will try my best to keep them alive!! I do wish Scarlett had a pic, but its never to late so I just might do that!  And if I have to keep a traditional ball it's gonna sparkle. ;-)

Last but not least my dog's Santa outfit.  hahahahaha she's 5 now so I'd say it's her 4th year wearing it.  Can't keep the hat on her but I always manage to get a picture in. :-)

That pretty much sums up my favorite decor in my home!....Oh yea and the mistletoe....duhh!! haha
What are some of your favorite things?
Hope everyone has wonderful Christmas celebrations and don't for get to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS!!!!!!!!
Hugs and Kisses!!
Candy Girl :-)

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Lorac Shadow Palette & a Day Beauty Look

BUYING MAKE-UP FOR A BIG GIRL IS LIKE BUYING CANDY FOR LITTLE ONES!!! Yes sweet addiction of wanting more....and more.....and more....and did I say more. hehe 

I took my first trip to Ulta Beauty this summer and bought an eye shadow palette.  It was the most expensive palette I ever purchased without a professional discount.  So when my daughter Laylah took it out of my purse and plastered it all over her face and some on her sister, I was a little upset.  Imagine a toddler tantrum if you took their candy (that's how I felt) haha ;-)  Partly because I didn't want them to get it on my tan/cream colored sofa and she used a lot because she left holes in it, turned out like this..................Yeah, I know, and I only used it a couple times :-(

Lorac - Color me Couture 5 shade eyeshadow palette/ infused with Mother of Pearl - Ulta
This is a very soft palette for my skin tone which I love for a day time application!

Eyes - Soft Gold w/ Soft Smoky eye - 3 middle shades above in Lorac palette
Eyelashes - IEnvy - Kings Beauty Fairview Heights IL
Cheeks - Pinch me blush - MAC
Lips - Hot Passion - Covergirl - Walgreens
Nails - On a trip - Wet n Wild & Big money - Sally Hansen Gem crush


Eye close up/ Profile

Glimpse of a Styles of Candyland Tribal earring
This is a staple look I wear when I apply make up.  Unless I have a theme or girls night out. I love an open eye so my day look never requires eye liner. 
Here's to Beauty stores!!!!!! and WEAR RED LIPS......Makes you sooooo happy :-)
Love Candy Girl! :-)
Kiss Kiss
Thanks for Reading!! :-)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Moccasins for a Thanksgiving Party!

We celebrated Thanksgiving this week with Laylah's pre-K class.  I giggled a lot listening to the conversations these little people came up with.  They are all so entertaining! haha 

The outfit I wore was very comfortable but still stylish.  I always think of brown for this holiday.  And what is more festive then fringe this season?  Channel your inner Indian! haha 

Memories:  When I was 6 or 7, I took a trip with my aunt Angela from Florida to California.  On our way we stopped in Arizona and got moccasins! I was soooooooo happy! I got back to school that fall and the day we were covering Indians I wore my Moccasins.  I was sooooo excited to show them off!! Felt like the coolest kid! haha................Then I lost them and remember being really sad! :-/

Here's my outfit of the week!..................

Casual with Kids

Peach effortless flowing (style of my moment) T-shirt - Windsor
White Tank - American Eagle
Dark Blue Jeggings (Jean Leggings) - Wet Seal (Perfect for playing with kids!)

Cream Scarf - Unknown
Brown Minnetonka fringe Moccasins - Journeys

Gold Chain link and button bracelet - Styles of Candyland (Sold Out)
Brown wooden circle ring - Unknown
Oval hoop crystal earrings - Styles of Candyland
Heart Diamond necklace - Booski Gift :-)
This outfit worked well for this particular event!  I was comfortable but still felt fab!
Here's to Moccasins for Thanksgiving! :-)
Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving Feast!!!
Love Candy Girl! :-)

Wax, Thread or Tweeze?....My "Perfect" Brow!

Eyebrows are a MUST!!! Especially if I am not wearing make-up, it is my make-up.  it gives me a crisp line with a hint of highlighting right under my brow because it is super clean.  If there is one thing that bothers me when I am doing someones make-up it is the messy eyebrows! 

Ideally, besides some filling in, they are already attached to your face so it is part of the canvas. 

Side note: At one point in my life I used to completely shave the whole brow off, then draw it back in?  I know, it makes no since! The pictures are totally painful to look at! hahahaha

Threading is the ideal way I use to clean up my brows!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!! NOTHING IS BETTER!!!  Does it hurt?  Of course! hahaha but after a while you get used to it and it may even feel good! :-)  It's like pulling or tweezing multiple hairs at a time.  The line is super duper clean and super duper straight!  Everytime they get done I look in the mirror and think....ahhhhh flawless!

Waxing is my second choice which I do myself.  The line is super clean and "straight enough".  You may have to repeat in the same area but avoid doing it a 3rd, 4th, or 5th time because you began to remove layers of your skin which may cause bleeding and infection. 

Tweezing is honestly a must in between services and even if you miss a few while waxing.  Always pull in the direction the hair grows. 

Shaving is a NO NO, it's just wrong LOL 

If you are not up to date on your eyebrows you are left with one option.  You must camouflage the hairs by using concealer or foundation.  But there is only some much make up you can use before it starts to look like you are trying too hard to cover something up!

This is an example of what Threading can do for you. As well as a STUD eyebrow pencil from Mac You will need to adjust the color according to your skin tone.  My eyebrows were not Horrible but I could not go another day! :-)

This is my idea of a "perfect" eyebrow!

Here's to Arching :-)

Love Candy Girl!

Kiss Kiss :-*

Friday, November 16, 2012

No Brainer Turkey Cookies

I wanted to make a festive treat for my daughter Laylah's pre-school class.  I think I googled thanksgiving treats or something like that :-/  This took minimal time, Laylah got to help, very simple, not messy and little clean up.

I purchased these 5 items from Schnucks.  Already cut out ready to bake sugar cookies.  Reese's pieces, Candy corn (yuck), chocolate icing and orange gel icing (I expect the icing to be true to the color on the package but it wasn't, so my beak didn't show up like I wanted).

 Bake the Cookies......

 Ice the Cookies................

 Place Candy Corn as feathers, Reese's Pieces as eyes, and draw a beak with orange gel icing.......

And EAT!......Very simple and fun for kids.  Do you have any quick easy treats?

Here's to Cookies that look like Turkeys!!

Happy Thanksgigving :-)

Love Candy Girl! :-)

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Body Wash Diaries

For some time now I have NOT been a commercial body wash girl.  I don't do Bath and Bodyworks, Victoria Secret, I'm not to fond of things like Caress, Dove, or Tone.  So before I dress I do not Caress haha 

Of course I will use those things but they are definitely not my choice!  There is something very artificial about the smells that I just don't care for.  I am a sucker for lavender! (I have said this before about My Cleaning Friends :-)

I prefer things on the "natural" side like Avalon Organics, Yesto, Burt's Bees etc.

I did try something I found in the commercial section at Wally World that I would consider buying again! It's Organix Moroccan Argan Oil Body wash.  I know this is not organic, or considered a natural product!  But I love it all the same :-)  It does contain argan oil which is plant based and comes from the earth so obviously an A+ for me.  It leaves my skin feeling soft.  I adore the exotic smell, and I even wash my babies with it sometimes.  (FYI: It doesn't prevent crying)  There is also a product line of Moroccan oil I like to use on my daughters wavy/curly hair! (That's a different story I can talk about later!)

Side note: Another oils I adore and use on my skin and scalp daily, olive oil & coconut oil!

There are other scents in this brand but I have yet to try them.....If you have, Let me know what you think, good or bad!

Here's to Body Bubbles

Love, Candy Girl

Kiss Kiss

Friday, November 9, 2012

Weekly outfit.....Urban Business Casual! :-)

I thought I should start posting more of my fashion ideas, statements, and thoughts :-)  My goal is to post my favorite outfit of the week.  It will be an ensemble that made me feel confident and sexy!

I will try to incorporate the brand and/or where I purchased it.  And remember, MONEY DOES NOT BUYS STYLE!!!!.  Also keep in mind every one's style is different! There are different types of "Fashion Police", so don't be afraid to break the law ;-).  Sometimes you could have all the items in your closet but just never thought about paring them together!  If you need help don't hesitate to hire me :-)

This is my FIRST Out Fit of the week Post.....Enjoy!

Urban Business Casual
  • Black and white stripped Blazer - Kohl's
  • Black Long Tank - Forever 21
  • Black faux leather front and Polyester back leggings - Forever 21
  • Black Suede Knee Boots w/ tie - Bakers (4 seasons going strong)


  • Oversized Big Rimmed Cat Eyed Sunglasses - EBay
  • Thick Gold Chain Linked Necklace - Itsrichgirlz
  • Faux Leather and Chain Cross Bracelet - Styles of Candyland
Happy Dressing
Here's to Faux leather!!
Love, Candy Girl :-)

Monday, November 5, 2012

My wet cocktail (at the moment)!

I always wear my hair straight, so up keep is important to keep it "healthy" and manageable! Especially since this is not the normal curl/wave pattern of my hair.  Other than the relaxer, deep condition, shampoo, conditioner & coconut oil etc.  There are some other products I like to use as well to keep my style on point. :-) 

My 2 favorite go to products that I like to cocktail are as follows in this order: Super Skinny Serum and Olive oil wrapping mousse.

I make sure my hair is towel dried because if it is still wet it will not absorb all the goodies.

I pump (as many as needed) the super skinny serum into my hand, rub it in then run it through my hair.  EVERYWHERE! It smells and feels delicious ;)

Next I take the Olive oil wrapping mousse and do the same.

I comb it through with a wide tooth comb and wrap it with a vented brush.  Place my hair wrap on and wait for it to dry.  (this is ideal, but time may call for a hair/blow dryer).

This by far is not the only products I use for my hair but the products I use while it's wet.  Also known as my wet cocktail ;-)

Here is to Product Junkies

Love Candy Girl!! 

Friday, October 26, 2012

*Smooth Winter Feet*

Warm weather is coming to an end and pedicures may take a back seat to grooming.  It is still important to take care of your feet.  For the next 6 months they are going to be closed into your shoes gaining more skin and calluses.  Of course this is normal but we all aspire to have baby skin right? :-)

I like to use a pumice stone.  It is a stone made out of volcanic rock (lava) perfect for genitally
removing skin from your feet. 

I suggest using it at least once a week.  You can decide how often to use it depending on your lifestyle.  You do not want to use it too much or too rough.  You can expose a very delicate layer of skin which can cause bleeding or even worse infection. 

Getting a pedi at a Salon side note:  Definitely try to avoid using the foot razor, it's kinda like going to some random house and using there razor. (Some salons do not properly clean there tools and it can get messy).

Whether you do this in between pedis, instead of pedis, or to save money it's a great way to keep your feet light and soft.

Highly recommended is the Mr. Pumice Bar you can find in many of your local stores.  Yep you have seen it before so next time go ahead and pick it up!


Here's to Soft Feet!!

Love Sweet Candy Girl :-*

Friday, October 19, 2012

Stick-On and Press On Nail Review.....

Nails are a fun and easy way to express yourself and play around with looks. A nail polish change can be simple or complex depending on your goal. Some brands have made very complex styles seem effortless with a simple PRESS ON!

I wanted to try some press on nails that I have seen in the drug stores and on commercials. The advertisements make them sound effortless and inexpensive (that's there job right!).

I have to say these things are a quick fix!  They will definitely work for the weekend, but they clam to last 7 to 10 days.  If you spend a lot of time cooking, cleaning and bathing kids (rough with your hands) they will come off or you will take them off sooner.

They have fun styles and textures for all types of personalities so you might find some that are perfect for you!

First, I tried Impress Press On Manicure.  These are similar to the traditional press on plastic nails.  No glue involved, just a double sided sticker. 

This day I played around with my make-up and camera!

The next time I tried Kiss Nail Dress.  These are more like stickers you press on and then simply file to the shape of your nail.  My nails are pretty short right now so filling over my free edge didn't work.  They ended up jagged and unclean. 


Conclusion: My go to quick nail fix would be my first choice,  Impress press on Mani.  It was simple and I felt more confident wearing them. 

Try one and tell me what you think!

Here's to Nail Dress!

Hugs and kisses Candy girl!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My Cleaning Friends :-)

I have really tried to convince myself that cleaning is so fun!! :-( ha ha Since the beginning of time I know it's a must to clean with music!! My mom taught me that!  ;-) It gives you a pep in your step, helps you move a little faster, relax and imagine your somewhere else besides cleaning.

 I have memories of certain songs (Angel Grant "Live your life" "Lil Red Boat" <3 ) that go along with smells of Lysol, Windex, and Mr. Clean.  Of course I still use these products but I have grown to LOVE something better!! It's Mrs. Meyers Clean Day.....AHHHmazing!!!! Lavender scent is my favorite, and all the scents are aroma therapeutic.  It's relaxing and doesn't have an artificial smell.  I use to find the products at the Neighborhood food co-op in Carbondale IL.  (LOVE THIS PLACE)  Now I can find it at Wal-mart!

This product is my go to everyday! Spills, dishes, bathtub, a lil pick me up :-)......this stuff does the trick.  Smells soooooo good and relaxing!!!!  It's Eco friendly, so I'm sure that means it cost more, but.....I'm addicted.  I recently went to the website and found so much more information as well as other scents I never knew they had because the stores are limited.  I can't wait to order some more things I don't see in the store!!

COUNTER TOP SPRAY, ALL PURPOSE, & DISH SOAP    *Laundry Detergent......not pictured*

I love this stuff for everyday use, but if I really want to disinfect, or scrub a really dirty spot, I need to go back to my roots and use all the unhealthy chemically induced products!!!! ;-)

I think it's the smell that really gets me!!!!!!!

Here's to Music while cleaning!!! 

Sweet Candy Girl :-)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A place for Bows to live :-)

I'm so happy I decide to make some letter bow holders for my girls!! :-) Of course there are some beautiful, unique bow holders I could buy, but I thought...."I can do that!"

The whole point of a bow holder is to........hold bows hahahahaha. Mommies we want to make sure we keep track of all the pretty little bows for our little girls. Especially in the new world of homemade bows right? :-) We want to avoid buying double or using the same one just because we're in a hurry and it is on top of the pile.

I simply painted the letters with acrylic, added a design, polka dots or strips, and of course blinged them out!


This is Scarlett's bow holder, her room is still accented in Pink!

I am very proud of myself :-)

This is Laylah's aka Charlie lol, we have changed her accent color to Violet!

YOU CAN DO IT TO!!!!!!!  Or I am totally down for making more :-)

(I am also excited to say I wrote this blog on My Macbook pro, and added the pics on my iPad!! At least I tried!, Can't wait to really get creative with my blogging :-) )

Here's to Bows having a place to live! :-)

Love Candy Girl <3

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Learning style from my 4 year old!

There was a time when I would dress Laylah in a "perfect outfit".  What I thought she should look and be like.  I made sure she looked put together everyday like a grown up.  Perfect Bow to complement her outfit and shoes.  Perfect hair, nothing out of place.  I have learned to ease up on the everyday life of looking perfect. I am appreciating her style, personality, and 4 year old swag! haha

One thing I did and still like to do, is let her help make decisions while shopping (its so fun to see her style and reaction).  I realized I needed to back off and choose my battles wisely when it comes to her getting dressed.  Of course I help her make decisions when we have somewhere important to go! But............. I just let her do her thang and stop worrying if she "looks perfect"! 

So here are some cute photos I have captured of Laylah just being herself...... ( With the help of growing up with me) hehe

She looks so sweet and angelic in this photo, you would never know she got into my makeup kit and applied a couple layers of mascara.  Besides a little bit on her eye lid she actually did a decent job. How could I be mad?? :-)

Another time I caught her in my purse, Well, I obviously didn't catch her or she wouldn't have the red lipstick on.  Guess she's team Gaga and wants to be a little monster ;-)

We were doing our makeup together one day and this is what she wanted to look like :-)  (This would be good theater make-up.....right?) haha

She knows she could always wear a swimming suit and a skirt (every skirt is a tutu).  Her necklace (she got it by embarrassing me sooo bad in the mall) and cousin Lele's shoes....Perfect!! :-)  

Fresh out of bed, can't go wrong with a pajama top and skirt/tutu. 

A monkey night gown, black and white heart leggings, mommies necklace and a bag from g-ma April.......Yep I'm ready mom! 

There's nothing wrong with tucking in your shirt to your leggings!! And some play heels.....Complete!

She wouldn't be a little girl without mommies shoes, hat and a fan to accessorize!  This one reminds me of the Fancy Nancy character! Love Her (We need to get some more of her books!)

Let me take a moment to imitate what she could be saying...."Wait mom, let me strut on em!" haha

 YEP!! I'm Speechless! haha

So tell me about getting your child dressed, or there "style" you try hard to break! haha I know you have some similar stories!

Here is to Toddler Style or Swag if you will. haha

Hugs and Kisses.....Candy Girl :-)