Friday, October 26, 2012

*Smooth Winter Feet*

Warm weather is coming to an end and pedicures may take a back seat to grooming.  It is still important to take care of your feet.  For the next 6 months they are going to be closed into your shoes gaining more skin and calluses.  Of course this is normal but we all aspire to have baby skin right? :-)

I like to use a pumice stone.  It is a stone made out of volcanic rock (lava) perfect for genitally
removing skin from your feet. 

I suggest using it at least once a week.  You can decide how often to use it depending on your lifestyle.  You do not want to use it too much or too rough.  You can expose a very delicate layer of skin which can cause bleeding or even worse infection. 

Getting a pedi at a Salon side note:  Definitely try to avoid using the foot razor, it's kinda like going to some random house and using there razor. (Some salons do not properly clean there tools and it can get messy).

Whether you do this in between pedis, instead of pedis, or to save money it's a great way to keep your feet light and soft.

Highly recommended is the Mr. Pumice Bar you can find in many of your local stores.  Yep you have seen it before so next time go ahead and pick it up!


Here's to Soft Feet!!

Love Sweet Candy Girl :-*

Friday, October 19, 2012

Stick-On and Press On Nail Review.....

Nails are a fun and easy way to express yourself and play around with looks. A nail polish change can be simple or complex depending on your goal. Some brands have made very complex styles seem effortless with a simple PRESS ON!

I wanted to try some press on nails that I have seen in the drug stores and on commercials. The advertisements make them sound effortless and inexpensive (that's there job right!).

I have to say these things are a quick fix!  They will definitely work for the weekend, but they clam to last 7 to 10 days.  If you spend a lot of time cooking, cleaning and bathing kids (rough with your hands) they will come off or you will take them off sooner.

They have fun styles and textures for all types of personalities so you might find some that are perfect for you!

First, I tried Impress Press On Manicure.  These are similar to the traditional press on plastic nails.  No glue involved, just a double sided sticker. 

This day I played around with my make-up and camera!

The next time I tried Kiss Nail Dress.  These are more like stickers you press on and then simply file to the shape of your nail.  My nails are pretty short right now so filling over my free edge didn't work.  They ended up jagged and unclean. 


Conclusion: My go to quick nail fix would be my first choice,  Impress press on Mani.  It was simple and I felt more confident wearing them. 

Try one and tell me what you think!

Here's to Nail Dress!

Hugs and kisses Candy girl!