Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Handbag Display!

I use to throw all my handbags in a bag or close them up and forget I had them.  Of course I DREAM of a walk in closet set up like a clothing store!!!!!!!!! :-)  Until then, I will improvise and do what I can :-). 

If you are still using plastic bags, have old news paper or saved stuffing from the purchase, recycle it and stuff them in your bags when you are not using them.  Make them nice and plump like you see in a department store.  This helps keep your bags in great shape, firm and smooth.  I especially do this with my designer bags to keep them in tip top shape for resale, trade, or keepsake!!

Even if you do not have room to display least try to keep them plump ;-)

I am learning to cherish my pieces and take care of them! :-) LOVE are a few makes a huge difference!

    SAD HANDBAG :-(           HAPPY HANDBAG :-)

 Here's to keeping handbags in great condition!!! :-)

Love Candy Girl!! :-)

Thursday, June 13, 2013


Always looking to spice things up!! ;-) I decided to turn an old clutch into something new.  I went to Hobby Lobby and brought 3 spools of faux feathers and sewed about 4 straps on each side.  I used fabric glue for a quick, easy, seamless closer.  Check It OUT!!....




I still adore the classic look.......I just think something original is hard to come by and if I think about it......I make it happen!! ;-)  Plus I can always invest in a new classic clutch. :-)

Tell me........ CLASSIC or GLAM Style??

Here's to Glamin' it up!!

Love Candy Girl :-)