Tuesday, May 20, 2014

DIY Shoe Closet!!!!

I purchased book shelves from Wal-Mart and my life is changed! :-) As a professional shopper :-) and stylist or lets be real..... A GIRL! :-) I can over do and double do, sometimes triple buy some of the same things if not similar.  It is truly important to know what you have so everyday task can run smoothly.  This goes for every aspect of our lives and items we own not just shoes!!! :-)

For me, this is also a space saver, and puts my mind at ease so I am not frantically trying to look through boxes to see what kind of shoes I own, and I am aware that it gets a little ridiculous.  :-) But that's okay because I have admitted it! :-) AKA #retailtherapy LOL The good thing is that I donated tons of shoes this season!

This is Before.....

This is AFTER>>>>>>>>>>

Tote bags, Handbags and Clutches......


Another View.....


Inspired By..... (an old Pinterest post) :-)

I had my heart set on white but when I got to Wal-Mart they only had Black and Brown, so I had to get black because I wasn't taking no for an answer! Lol

Super happy for more organization!!! :-) I encourage you to try it! One book shelf was about $27.00

Love Candy Girl :-)
<3 <3 <3