Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Gotta Love a Peplum!

What is better for my body?  I LOOOOVVVEEE a Peplum!!! It's a gathred, pleated, or flared piece of fabric attached at the waist line giving every women that perfect hourglass shape!!! FABULOUS!!!  What makes you feel and look more like a women? ....

Shirt: Faux leather black peplum - Forever 21
Pants:  Floral - Kohls 
Shoes: Black Patent leather pumps - Bakers shoes (I've had these for about 7-8 years CLASSIC)

 Nails: See..... Sparkling Sweater & Shoes  In the mix of getting my girls ready, I forgot to paint my other hand. hahaha
Earrings: Styles of Candyland Boutique

Me & Johanna Wiley (Jo Jo On the Go) B-Day
Dress: Peachy Pink Peplum - Charlotte Russe
Shoes: Nude (Wish I could find "nude" shoes for my skin color :-)) - Bebe

Shirt: Off White Peplum - Forever 21
Pants: Dark Blue Jeans - Hollister Co.
Shoes:  Carmel Brown slouched riding boots - Steve Madden

Jewelry:  Stud earrings & Gold Chain w/ crystal cross..... Styles of Candyland

Me, Kendra (Grad Party), JoJo
Colbolt Blue Peplum dress - T.J. Max..... Maxtasita

Super Jam Concert STL.... Me & Abby

Black and White Striped Peplum dress - Windsor

Here's to sticking to what you love......... Peplums!!! 

Happy Days yall.... Love Candy Girl!! <3 <3 

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Pintrest Haul! ;-)

Pinterest!!!!......I currently feel like it is taking over my life. Lol  If you use Pinterest you know what I am talking about.  So many categories and ideas to Pin up.  Whether it's for inspiration, ideas to use, DIY, or just to look at's Ahhhhmazballs! hahaha

I look at it as my overloaded online Dream Board! I want to rate and share some of the ideas that I have used on my own.  It's a really fun way to test your creativity and set "realistic" goals for yourself.  Resulting in a Pinterest addiction......

Hull Strawberries using a Straw! Visit 25 clever ideas to make life easier!
I think this is a great idea when you need a lot of strawberries!  The strawberries get stuck in the straw, then I had to find something thin and strong to push all of it out.  Overall a useful tip!


I tried getting this pot clean for a good 2 weeks before I decided to search Pinterest.  I Boiled Vinegar in my burnt pot for 5 min, washed/scrubbed as normal and........"Ding" my pot was good as new! :-)


 I added some white rice and a fresh pre-packaged stir-fry.  I believe this was a healthy worry free home cooked meal.  I used to struggle with my food not turning out like the picture with the recipe.  I now realize, it will always be "my version" of........(the meal).  But it looks pretty good right?  Click HERE to get this recipe.


 ( This meal was inspired by Oven Baked Tacos) But I decided not to duplicate.

 My Taco Style
1) Deep fried tortilla shells dipped in store bought Queso sauce (Next time I will try the Queso dip recipe I found because I was not impressed)
2)Taco Bell Seasoning
3)Tomato, Avocado, Mexican style Cheese, Sour Cream, Mild Sauce


 Last but not least :-) My sister-in-law was over and showed me this idea (from Pinterest), we tried it and honestly it didn't work.  It stayed light for a couple of seconds but I am so interested that I will be trying it again! :-)

That's all folks :-)

Here is to to trying new things at home thanks to......PINTEREST!!!

Kisses... Candy Girl :-)

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Another way to KEEP great skin!!

Make up brushes can be big investments so proper care is important.  Washing your brushes will limit breakouts and skin irritations.  All you need is soap and water and maybe a quick cleanser such as MAC Brush Cleanser  for in between jobs.

Whether real or synthetic I always use a mild soap (usually baby shampoo).  Simply rotate your brush in a circular motion on your hand or flat surface, repeat as needed, then rinse in cold/warm water with brushes facing the drain.  Try not to drown the brushes in water because the hair is glued to the base and bristles will start to fall off. :-(  If you are worried about using too much water while cleaning, use a bowl for cleaning and one for rinsing.

Next, genitally squeeze out moisture with towel or fingers, shape bristles back to original shape and either let them hang off the side of something or place upright in a brush holder.

Here is to clean brushes for beautiful flawless skin!

Love Sweet Candy Girl!<3 <3 <3