Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Modern 40s / 50s Look

This particular style had me channeling the forties & fifties.

Starting with my hair, I tried the same technique in my last blog Curly Hair but it really didn't come out the same, but I still loved it.  I did bigger sections so they ended up with a slight wave, like pin curls, and they were moisturized and smooth.  Which took my look in a totally new direction. 

I focused on darker fall colors for my make up and tried new eyelashes.  MUST HAVE LIPS FOR FALL...... PLUMS, VIOLETS, PURPLES!!! VAMP!

 Lips: Cover Girl / Color: Euphoria


Brand:  Kiss / These are a little more challenging to place on your lashes because the band is a little more firm and doesn't bend as well.  Each lash is lined up thinner on the inside and gets thicker in the middle towards the outside.  Reminds me of a smokey eyed eyelash :-/ :-))


Dress:  Windsor
Shoes: Pictured HERE

The top of the peplum dress was a khaki color with a super sexy low cut neckline.  The bottom half of the dress is black and made it very sophisticated and business like.  Along with the classic style pumps modernized with a capped toe.

Revlon: Vixen / Shape: Square 



Here is to channeling older styles in a modern world and "dressing up" where ever you go!

Putting a look together takes lots of inspiration from your surroundings, thoughts and imagination.  I love putting it together in real life for the girl who dreams.

Love Candy Girl!!!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Black and Gold.....FALL KICK OFF!!!

I feel like this was my first official kick-off to my fall wardrobe and I have to say I was feeling chic and elegant with an urban flare. ;-)

If you haven't got the Gold memo....... it's time to listen up!! GOLD IS HAUGHT, HAUGHT HAUGHT!!!!  Next time you are shopping in the mall, take a look around......Gold is trending and Silver is taking a back seat.  Of course this only applies to folks who like to stay up-to-date and fashion forward.  Please do not get offended, fashion conversations get real serious lol.

I would have to say I find great pleasure in a large gold chain linked necklace.  I still get excited about putting it on!  I sold this particular necklace pictured with my dress in my Styles of Candyland boutique which I no longer carry.  I do have more of a variety coming soon on my website or Click Here to purchase a more casual 3 chains necklace!!

I really like the large classic link because it has more of an urban edge for me, but as you see there are many ways to reinvent this gold necklace and make it relevant to your style.


Dress: Tunic Pattern w/ faux leather details shoulders 
Dressed cinched in with belt
Belt: Styles of Candyland
Shoes: Bakers Classic pump w/ capped toe

Complete look with Red cosmetics!! Nails (Gel: Bing Cherries) and Lip (MAC: Mac Red)

I took an all black dress, and added richness with gold and shinny accessories and daring red cosmetics! <3 <3

Order Mirror Plated Belt HERE!


Here is to approaching FALL with a lil BLACK & GOLD!!!

Do you love a black and gold combination?  Or tell me what your favorite combo is.........

FALL....... the season to create HIGH FASHION!!!

Love Candy Girl! Kisses

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Curly Hair and (Natural) Eyelash

I curled my hair today with a 1 inch Marcel curling iron, which is a tool I learned to curl with in cosmetology school.  It takes practice to use and can sometimes crap my hand/wrist if not used correctly.


I started by curling away from my face 1 to 1 1/2 inch sections of hair.  I did not comb the curls out until they were all done to make sure the curl keeps it's shape!

When I was done curling the hair I broke up the hair with my fingers and Awapuhi Wild Ginger Styling treatment oil to break up the hair.

Here are the results......

 I have to say, I love it and hope to do this often, with or without extensions!

Here are the eyelashes, Same brand I have been using lately, just a different style.  I would say this is more natural because the lines cross at the band and the hair fibers are thin.  This would work well for beginners!

Here is to curly hair and a natural looking fake eyelash!

Love Candy Girl! Kiss kiss

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

OOTD Old Jeans/Blouse/Eyeliner

I want to talk eyeliner because I believe I am going to start playing a little more with mine.  Black eyeliner is extremely dramatic, especially if someone is not used to it.  It really defines your eyes and if you are not used to it, or if it is applied incorrectly, it can be scary!  The same with defining eyebrows, or applying a shocking lip color.  (IT'S SCARY)! hehe

Eyeliner can be worn in so many different ways, light, dark, top lid, lower lid, top & bottom, winged, thin wing, short wing, long wing, thin, thick, you name it, it's your choice.  One thing to say....... ROCK IT!!  <3 <3

I have be trying a WINGED eye, eyeliner applied on the upper lid extended to the outside corner making a "wing".
BUT here is the thing, my eye shape is NOT winged eyeliner friendly, I have a small fold that makes  the line break when I open my eye :-( So I can not apply the wing too high up.  Some techniques do not flatter certain eye shapes, but that does not mean you can not apply it and love the way it looks! 

My eye shape is more round so when I apply it "just right" it can give the illusion of a more slanted or cat a since "more dramatic". :-)

 What I used to get this look!


Hollister Co. - Pre-Baby Jeans :-) My favorite when I "dress up" a jean!!
Top: Halter top with ruffles, have no clue where this was purchased,  I've had it for years. 
Do you have something small or big that you would like to try?   

Here's to making an old outfit new and trying new things like more eyeliner!!! ;-)

Love Candy Girl! 
Kiss Kiss

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Day Time Maxi (Dress for your Body type)

Since Black & White are one of my favorite combinations, it is only appropriate that I own a striped maxi in this same theme.  I own others, but this by far takes the cake because the lines give my shape an amazing illusion of curves! Whoop

Do you know your body type? Have you ever thought about it?  Here is a beginner body type guide for a stylist to determine the appropriate dress style for a client.  This can be very important when finding a wedding dress, prom or any other "big" event that you need to be dressed appropriately for. 

There are always exceptions to the rule. ......these are JUST GUIDELINES!!! <3

I am an inverted triangle..............let me explain what this maxi does for me.........

Special thanks to my 5 year old photographer - Laylah :-) lol She was totally willing because I gave her chocolate in exchange!

Dress:  RUE 21!
Do you notice the direction of the vertical lines drawing your eye towards the center making my waist appear thinner? Which makes the outside lines higher giving the illusion of bigger hips!  As well as the back side that draws attention to the small of my back and draws the eye outward on to my gluteus maximus! hehe ;-)

This is what it means to dress for your body type! <3

I practice some commercial modeling and take plenty of pictures for my business so it is important for me to know my angles as to what is flattering to my creative eye.  

Lately I have been running / jogging / walking and eating better which helps confidence towards my "two time" pre-baby body!  I need to add weights and/or some type of toning and firming exercises then I'll be set!!

Shoes: Kohls / Candies
It is only appropriate to wear high platform wedges because the dress is way too long otherwise. ;-)  This makes me look extra long and lean!  If wearing flats, hemming without cutting off extra fabric is necessary (In case you want it longer in the future).  

Inspired By:

Here is to wearing more Black & White and dressing for your body type (shape).

Love Candy Girl!! :-)

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Sophisticated @ Forever 21 (Bow top trend)

These are some pieces I put together from Forever 21,  I have heard people say it is for 21 year olds hahaha........ So that means I can't wear it? Or find anything appropriate for my age? LOL PEOPLE, THERE ARE NO RULES IN REAL FASHION!!  (Of course there are some moments ;-)) Are you confident? Does it look good? SELF CONFIDANTS makes all the difference.
People will believe in you, when you believe in yourself.  

I used to strive for someone "like" me, in reality we are all different and we will "never" find someone like ourselves.  The more confident I feel in myself the more it will shine on the outside, and I will succeed in places I never thought were possible.

For me, an outfit can boost my energy off the charts! :-)

I LOVE a trend but I try to mix and match, so it's important to mix the trend and the classic pieces together for balance in the outfit.

I didn't get a picture in this outfit.....but here it is.......

Bow Top: Forever 21 (4 seasons ago)
High waisted Pencil Skirt:  Forever 21 (3 seasons)
Mirror Belt: Styles of Candyland
Shoes:  Jessica Simpson (2-3 seasons) Classic Matte Leather

Here is to Bow Tops and staying young, shopping at Forever 21! hehe

Love Candy Girl

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Rocking Black and White at my Reunion! :-)

Black and White has been trending for some time and doesn't seem to be going anywhere soon.  I found the perfect Black and White A-Lined dress from Charlotte Russe.  Paired it with my go to suede and elastic band platforms and topped it off with a gold chain belt (Gold is HAUGHT!!).

Hair: Curled away from face with a 1 1/2 inch barrel iron
Make-up:  Russian Red M.A.C lip / Eyelashes (more info at your request)

 Dress: A-Line Black and White Striped Dress with mesh neck lining - Charlotte Russe 
Shoes: Bakers Shoes

Many ways to wear Black and White!
Imagine from


 Nails:  Product: Gelish / Color: Bing Cherries

Photo: Me and my girls I used to dance with in High School and some College! FUN FUN

I felt like a true girl in this dress, flirty and fabulous!  Full skirts, A-Lines, Gathering and Pleated skirts are also on high trend and truly make me feel like a women.  Ready to channel my inner Stepford wife! :-) Glam up like a lady and be happy 24/7! :-)

Here's to rocking out trends!!

Love, Candy Girl Kisses <3