Tuesday, September 17, 2013

OOTD Old Jeans/Blouse/Eyeliner

I want to talk eyeliner because I believe I am going to start playing a little more with mine.  Black eyeliner is extremely dramatic, especially if someone is not used to it.  It really defines your eyes and if you are not used to it, or if it is applied incorrectly, it can be scary!  The same with defining eyebrows, or applying a shocking lip color.  (IT'S SCARY)! hehe

Eyeliner can be worn in so many different ways, light, dark, top lid, lower lid, top & bottom, winged, thin wing, short wing, long wing, thin, thick, you name it, it's your choice.  One thing to say....... ROCK IT!!  <3 <3

I have be trying a WINGED eye, eyeliner applied on the upper lid extended to the outside corner making a "wing".
BUT here is the thing, my eye shape is NOT winged eyeliner friendly, I have a small fold that makes  the line break when I open my eye :-( So I can not apply the wing too high up.  Some techniques do not flatter certain eye shapes, but that does not mean you can not apply it and love the way it looks! 

My eye shape is more round so when I apply it "just right" it can give the illusion of a more slanted or cat eye........in a since "more dramatic". :-)

 What I used to get this look!


Hollister Co. - Pre-Baby Jeans :-) My favorite when I "dress up" a jean!!
Top: Halter top with ruffles, have no clue where this was purchased,  I've had it for years. 
Do you have something small or big that you would like to try?   

Here's to making an old outfit new and trying new things like more eyeliner!!! ;-)

Love Candy Girl! 
Kiss Kiss

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