Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A place for Bows to live :-)

I'm so happy I decide to make some letter bow holders for my girls!! :-) Of course there are some beautiful, unique bow holders I could buy, but I thought...."I can do that!"

The whole point of a bow holder is to........hold bows hahahahaha. Mommies we want to make sure we keep track of all the pretty little bows for our little girls. Especially in the new world of homemade bows right? :-) We want to avoid buying double or using the same one just because we're in a hurry and it is on top of the pile.

I simply painted the letters with acrylic, added a design, polka dots or strips, and of course blinged them out!


This is Scarlett's bow holder, her room is still accented in Pink!

I am very proud of myself :-)

This is Laylah's aka Charlie lol, we have changed her accent color to Violet!

YOU CAN DO IT TO!!!!!!!  Or I am totally down for making more :-)

(I am also excited to say I wrote this blog on My Macbook pro, and added the pics on my iPad!! At least I tried!, Can't wait to really get creative with my blogging :-) )

Here's to Bows having a place to live! :-)

Love Candy Girl <3

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Learning style from my 4 year old!

There was a time when I would dress Laylah in a "perfect outfit".  What I thought she should look and be like.  I made sure she looked put together everyday like a grown up.  Perfect Bow to complement her outfit and shoes.  Perfect hair, nothing out of place.  I have learned to ease up on the everyday life of looking perfect. I am appreciating her style, personality, and 4 year old swag! haha

One thing I did and still like to do, is let her help make decisions while shopping (its so fun to see her style and reaction).  I realized I needed to back off and choose my battles wisely when it comes to her getting dressed.  Of course I help her make decisions when we have somewhere important to go! But............. I just let her do her thang and stop worrying if she "looks perfect"! 

So here are some cute photos I have captured of Laylah just being herself...... ( With the help of growing up with me) hehe

She looks so sweet and angelic in this photo, you would never know she got into my makeup kit and applied a couple layers of mascara.  Besides a little bit on her eye lid she actually did a decent job. How could I be mad?? :-)

Another time I caught her in my purse, Well, I obviously didn't catch her or she wouldn't have the red lipstick on.  Guess she's team Gaga and wants to be a little monster ;-)

We were doing our makeup together one day and this is what she wanted to look like :-)  (This would be good theater make-up.....right?) haha

She knows she could always wear a swimming suit and a skirt (every skirt is a tutu).  Her necklace (she got it by embarrassing me sooo bad in the mall) and cousin Lele's shoes....Perfect!! :-)  

Fresh out of bed, can't go wrong with a pajama top and skirt/tutu. 

A monkey night gown, black and white heart leggings, mommies necklace and a bag from g-ma April.......Yep I'm ready mom! 

There's nothing wrong with tucking in your shirt to your leggings!! And some play heels.....Complete!

She wouldn't be a little girl without mommies shoes, hat and a fan to accessorize!  This one reminds me of the Fancy Nancy character! Love Her (We need to get some more of her books!)

Let me take a moment to imitate what she could be saying...."Wait mom, let me strut on em!" haha

 YEP!! I'm Speechless! haha

So tell me about getting your child dressed, or there "style" you try hard to break! haha I know you have some similar stories!

Here is to Toddler Style or Swag if you will. haha

Hugs and Kisses.....Candy Girl :-)

Monday, August 6, 2012

Candy's Head Dress! :-)

I have been interested in buying a head piece/jewelry.  They are showing up everywhere but I have yet to find one worth buying or that I can afford.  I have to say one person I think works the look very well and has pieces anywhere from $200.00 to $500.00 NICOLE RICHIE!!! (I know right!!!.....she's soooo amazing and a fab designer!!) :-)

So I made one myself.  It's a very simple piece, that took me no time because I brought the chain links, linked them together and added a key charm :-)  I would like to take the time do some elaborate handmade pieces in the future. Or purchase some that are my style.  Until then, here it is.............

Back view, Key Charm detail

If you can tell, Laylah got into my mascara (again) while I was making it. haha

Front View

Side View :-)

Next time I will defiantly where this piece with my extensions to look extra hippie chic :-)

Happy Head Pieces :-) Love Candy Girl!