Thursday, May 10, 2012

DIY: Short and Sweet Facial

So we all know that a weekly, monthly or even yearly trip to a spa for what ever reason can be extremely expensive.  As I get older I am realizing that caring for my skin is JUST AS IMPORTANT as a hair or nail salon!  With that said, I gotta do what I can! I LOVE being pampered!
Not only does it feel good but taking the proper steps and time to deep cleanse your face limits aging, blemishes and helps your makeup look flawless.  Don't get me wrong, a clean face does not solve all problems!  Your diet as well as environment etc. play a huge role!  I just want to give everyone a couple of steps to follow on a weekly bases (besides daily cleaning) to help the appearance of your skin and make you feel groomed and beautiful. 

There are various types of facials as well as products that people swear by.  I will tell you that most of the products that are pictured can be purchased at your local drugstores.  This is something you should be confident about performing IN YOUR OWN BATHROOM BY YOURSELF!  While attending cosmetology school we worked with a product called Dermalogica which was great!  It's a professional product so you can imagine how much each would cost for a consumer.  With that said, I do like to purchase plant based, natural and organic products while at home.  Of course I buy other things, it's all about MODERATION (one of my favorite words!!)  There are also more complicated steps you can add but remember, this is a short and sweet facial that I like to perform on myself weekly. 

What you need: (Short and Sweet steps In Red)                           

First get in a relaxing mood, turn your music on, run a warm bath with essential oils, light a candle and take a sip of your cocktail. :-)  Or if you don't have time, at least try to get the door closed, :-) but if your kids are home running around, just skip this whole part and at least try to get the 4 steps done! haha :-)
Cleanse your skin like normal with your choice of soap.  I would also go a little further and cleanse the neck area as well.  If you wear heavy makeup try a make up remover or whatever you use to take it off first, then use soap to clean your face.  I just started using Gentle off eye and lip makeup remover from MAC (oil and water based)  For years people have been using baby oil! :-) 

all natural french lavender soap photo

Exfoliate your skin gently with your choice of facial scrub.  Remember that the movement you apply
imitates a massage so try using upward circular motions starting at your neck and moving in towards your nose.  This lifts your skin up and helps limit sagging that NO ONE wants.  Don't have a "scrub"?, you could always use sugar, sea salt, or baking soda mixed with water. It will dissolve quickly so don't use too much water! Why exfoliate? To remove dead skin cells :-)

Peach and Willowbark Deep Pore Scrub

RINSE.... BONUS: STEAM:  Steaming will open pores more to extract more impurities. This is easily done in a hot shower or dipping a towel in hot water, ringing it out then placing over your face until it cools)

Apply the mask on your face using those same upward motions. Or apply it with a fan brush like you may see in the spa.  Clay based mask work well with oily skin and Gel or Cream based for dry skin. 

Freeman Feeling Beautiful Facial Clay Masque Avocado Oatmeal

Homemade Recipes:
Oily Skin:  1/2 tsp lemon juice, 1 egg white, 1tsp honey
Sensitive Skin:  1 cup natural yogurt, 1/2 oatmeal
Dry Skin:  1/2 cup avocado, 1/4 cup honey (I have used this recipe before)
Combination:  1 rose, 1 tbsp rose water, 1 tbsp natural yogurt, 1 tbsp honey
*You can find many recipes online!!
While the mask is setting, add 2 cucumbers and you will really feel luxurious.  Why cucumbers? For years it has been known to reduce puffiness and dark circles :-) This is also a perfect time to get in the bath and relax!!  Leave the mask on for as long as directions call for, until dry, or really just your preference.  Why use a mask?  It pulls out the impurities, removes dead skin cells and brightens appearance of skin :-)  One time I let the mask sit on a blemish over night and the next day it was gone. (It was small but it worked)



Moisturize your face applying it in the exact same way (upward motion).  Don't have a "face moisturizer"? Lotion will do! I would try fragrance free since lotions with fragrance tend to have alcohol agents that tend to dry out the skin leaving it with none of your skins natural oil.

Radiance Day Cream
And this is how I take care of my skin on a weekly bases besides my daily cleanse.  You should try it to!! It might give you more confidence leaving the house with no make up and even make your makeup look better when you put it on.  Pamper yourself even in your own home.  Everyone needs to look and feel fabulous at all times!!  YOU DESERVE IT!!

- Facials and Cucumbers, Love Candy Girl :-*


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

More Outside Adventures!

Outside Outside we can't get enough, yeah outside outside where things are pretty tough hahaha (hey it was the only thing I could come up with) :-)  We have truly been enjoying this weather, not to hot and not to cold! Thank you lord for our eyes to see, legs to walk and nose to smell a rose.  The day we took off to Botanical Gardens (I talked about it in a previous post), I was set on making it to the Butterfly House.  I found out it wasn't there but in Faust Park, and No Not Forest Park where I thought it was too!ha  Come to find out the Sophia M. Sachs Butterfly House is a division of Missouri Botanical Garden.

I promised Laylah we would go see Butterflies because she beams at the sight of them! Says they are so "cute" and "beautiful".  Just today she said she seen a yellow one with pink polka dots, ummmm not sure I believe that one but she has a great imagination.  Anyway, another mistake I made was using my GPS to type in Butterfly Garden which took us to a little area with hammocks and benches on campus.......I was pretty confused, then it clicked oooohhhhhh it's the Butterfly House not Garden hahaha So we called it a day and tried again a couple days later with success.......

We took a look at all the insects and other things they had displayed.........

*Orange Cockroaches (I remember these out of everything) uuhh

Then we headed into the mini theater which showed a 17 min video on how the caterpillar turns into a butterfly.  Which sparked the childhood memory of "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" by Eric Carle!! I had already purchased that book for Laylah a while back but hopefully she will appreciate it a lot more now! 

Then we went into the humid area where the butterflies were flying up, down and all around.  It was interesting to be surrounded by so many.  I'm not sure you would ever get this opportunity just hanging out outside.  There was one particular type of butterfly that had a gorgeous colbolt blue color when it opened its wings but I couldn't catch a picture.  Which is another one of the many reasons I want to invest in a really good camera.

So my best picture was this one.........

What kind is this you ask?.....I don't know :-)

So after we spent about 20 minutes inside we were on our way out and saw a great photo op in this butterfly chair :-)........

We didn't end the day there, come to find out the St. Louis Carousel was walking distance right next to the Butterfly House along with a park.  My mom and I had no idea because there were no signs or anything about the Carousel.  We even walked in unsure of what was going on and if we were supposed to be there.  Plus the worker's enthusiastic skills at the Carousel were weak! Especially for a Saturday along with a private party being held in the next room.  I felt like I wanted to take the microphone and take over! haha Despite all of that, my little girl loves a carousel.  Scarlett even had her first ride.........

*I said Laylah smile...she said "No".... oh well :-)

We headed over to the park for some running around and swing time.  Plus hoping the girls would be ready for a nap on the way home :-) 

Here's a few pics of me and my little lollipop (I call her that cause she keeps going and going and going) haha

The day was full of St.Louis adventure.  Just another way to enjoy the days with my family.  That part of the day ended with sprinkles of rain that turned into a big storm which is a whole other story. haha

So here is to Health, Love and Happiness

-Love Sweet Candy Girl