Monday, January 28, 2013

Leg Warmers.....Act Fast!!

I've had this thought, for a long time, to cut the arms off of one of my old sweaters and use them as leg warmers.  One day while relaxing and hanging out with my baby girls, the thought came over me again.  I needed some socks or something.......hhuummmmm.  Mid-Barbie party I got up, grabbed the sweater and cut the sleeves off with my kitchen scissors. Hahaha Of course I have studied some fashion design and I know that was a no-no but......Hey... immediate design ideas wait for no one! ;-)  I will figure out later how I should keep the leg warmers from fraying!!  

I love them!! What a cute comfortable way to stay warm in the house while playing......Barbies :-)


Here's to Keeping your legs warm!! <3

Love Candy Girl :-)

Monday, January 14, 2013

My GO-TO Eyelashes!

These are my favorite eyelashes!  When I started applying eyelashes I did it on my own.  I didn't have any advice, recommendations, thoughts or suggestions.  I just went to Wal-Mart, picked out my favorite and I have been wearing the same exact style ever since. I do wear different eyelashes occasionally but I always have these in stock. 

I would also like to point out that this is not the only brand, and I am not bias to one brand.  Salon Perfect is available at Wal-Mart and other drug stores.  MAC #7 is also this EXACT same style but I have to travel a little longer just to get them.   

Here are a few pics of me with these exact eyelashes...........

These lashes are not heavy or thick.  A lot of people think they are individual lashes because of the large space between each bundle of hair.  These lashes open up my eyes and give me some edge. I LOVE THEM. 
Here's to the art of fake eyelashes!! :-)
Love Candy Girl!! <3  

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Sunny Throwback Thursday Outfit!

This is an outfit I wore this fall I never got to share.  No Coat, No Scarf, Just Free!!.....I can't wait till it gets warm again already!! We went to Toys R Us and lunch at?? Not really sure but they sale Gyros and it was soooo good! :-) It's is Fairview Heights IL. 

Yellow Blouse - T.J.Max
Grey Skinny Jeans - ??
Grey Barbie Boots - Bakers Shoes My (My mother and I LOVE these boots we purchased them and/or a different brand and/or color about 5 different times between the two of us) hahaha

 Me and my girls! (I was about to fall) lol

This looks like and outfit I will be repeating at the beginning of spring!...Simple, comfortable (as "real" jeans can be) and bright!

Here's to yellow in the spring!

Love Candy Girl!!  <3

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


I just want to say a little summin summin about my mind set for the New Year of 2013.  I am sooooooo ready for a motivational change!!! POSITIVE thoughts only......NEGATIVITY makes my skin crawl!!!! I will find a way to "fix it" by separating myself, getting inside my own thoughts and emotional journey.  I will choose my battles very wisely because I cannot waste my precious time on a blank journey.  Although I know I will have many obstacles to overcome because it is a part of life's many lessons, I will do my best not to let them rule me!!  My prayer, my journal, my family, my friends, and by golly learning from my demons will get me through!! ha ha  BAM (Nene Leaks)!!!  SERIOUSLY WITH ALL MY HEART, I WISH EVERYONE THE BEST!!!!!!! PUSH THROUGH!!!! WE ARE MADE FOR THIS!!!! THE PEOPLE!!!GOD IS GOOD!!!!

Ribbon Roller Set!

Time to pack up the Christmas decor and do it all over again!! ;-)  I am ready to get my house clean and fresh so this is probably the first year I started cleaning up the Christmas paraphernalia on new years.  haha 

Just like you would roll up your hair, you would do the same with the ribbons.  Safety pin the ribbons together.  Secure it with a bobby pin and 11 months later you have the perfect curled ribbons!! 

If you like to "susie curl" ribbon decorations and plan on repeating the same thing next year, this is a brilliant idea.
I have done this for the last couple of years and it is a must!!!

Good Luck packing up!!!!

Here's to curly ribbon!

Love Candy Girl <3