Monday, January 28, 2013

Leg Warmers.....Act Fast!!

I've had this thought, for a long time, to cut the arms off of one of my old sweaters and use them as leg warmers.  One day while relaxing and hanging out with my baby girls, the thought came over me again.  I needed some socks or something.......hhuummmmm.  Mid-Barbie party I got up, grabbed the sweater and cut the sleeves off with my kitchen scissors. Hahaha Of course I have studied some fashion design and I know that was a no-no but......Hey... immediate design ideas wait for no one! ;-)  I will figure out later how I should keep the leg warmers from fraying!!  

I love them!! What a cute comfortable way to stay warm in the house while playing......Barbies :-)


Here's to Keeping your legs warm!! <3

Love Candy Girl :-)

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