Thursday, January 10, 2013

Sunny Throwback Thursday Outfit!

This is an outfit I wore this fall I never got to share.  No Coat, No Scarf, Just Free!!.....I can't wait till it gets warm again already!! We went to Toys R Us and lunch at?? Not really sure but they sale Gyros and it was soooo good! :-) It's is Fairview Heights IL. 

Yellow Blouse - T.J.Max
Grey Skinny Jeans - ??
Grey Barbie Boots - Bakers Shoes My (My mother and I LOVE these boots we purchased them and/or a different brand and/or color about 5 different times between the two of us) hahaha

 Me and my girls! (I was about to fall) lol

This looks like and outfit I will be repeating at the beginning of spring!...Simple, comfortable (as "real" jeans can be) and bright!

Here's to yellow in the spring!

Love Candy Girl!!  <3

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