Saturday, June 30, 2012

Make use of a Tank Top you NEVER wear!!!!

Every girl knows Costume Jewelry is a must!!!! It's that certain pair of earrings that only go with that one outfit! You know the earrings we spend a couple of bucks on for that one night! They might fade out with a couple uses.  Or the earrings that are sooo big they get tangled up in our drawers.  How about you don't even know what you own cause you CAN'T SEE IT! We wish we were the "celebrity type" with the walk in closet space not only for clothes but our accessories!  Its not necessarily the fanciest but......I might have a solution for your earrings!! It doesn't cost anything, ITS FREE!!!!!I know all of us have a tank top, t-shirt, or piece of cloth we NEVER use!

I took a tank top I never use, pinned it to my bathroom wall with thumb tacks and poked my earrings in them!!! YEP that easy! Now I can see all of them when I get dressed, I know what I have and they're not being tangled in my jewelry box! I keep my precious jewels (which are usually smaller in size) in my jewelery box! 

TIP:  I usually put all the backs to the earrings in a section of my jewelry box.

This is helping me a lot until I come up with something that's a little more fancy ;-) I told my mom about it last year and she told my aunt. They LOVE it!!  Now I am sharing it with you, because I know a lot of us have this problem and I'm sure you are dying without this solution! haha

Let me know if you have any similar interesting ideas!!
Happy earring and other miscellaneous item hanging :-)

Love Sweet Candy Girl! :-)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

DIY: Dip Dye Bleach Denim

I have really got back to my creative side of DO IT YOURSELF fashion!! I have been exploring ideas and since it is summer time I thought it was appropriate to revamp some denim shorts.  This idea is as easy as it looks! Seriously just dip your shorts in bleach and POW! A new fun casual look for the summer!

What you need:
1.) Pair of shorts
2.) Bucket
3.) Bleach
4.) Gloves

This is from last year on one of my favorite fashion sites

1.) Fill bucket up with bleach and a little water. ( I did not do any measurements, I try to stay away from things like that unless I'm really clueless haha) Make sure it is at the level you want the color to change. Remember you could always do more but you can't take away.

2.) Put on your gloves....

3.) Place shorts in bucket standing upright....

4.) Let them sit for and hour checking on them occasionally until desired look

5.) Get them out and rinse with water..

6.) Wash them alone for the first time,then they should be fine to wash with other things as long as the bleach is washed out

7.) POW.....New shorts :-)

Here's mine...........
I think  should distress mine a little more :-)

I did these before I thought about my blog so I don't have a before pic....sorry!  This is an outfit I put together for a day of running errands :-) Mustard tiered tank and wedges...Perfect!

Here's to mommas workin summer fashion!!
!!!!!TRY IT!!!!!!!!
Hugs and Kisses...Love Candy Girl!! <3

Monday, June 11, 2012

My favorite products for SEX IN THE SINKY!! :-)

Over the years I have received many compliments about my hair and how "healthy" it looks.  I just want to share my experience with these professional products just in case you have been looking for something new.  During the past year and a half I have been faithful to one brand of Shampoo and Conditioner. Is it Paul Mitchell you say?  Why of course it is! haha I know its good to alternate so your hair doesn't get "immune" but I don't wash my hair everyday, every other day, or even once a month hahaha JUST KIDDING!
Going to school with a bunch of women talking about hair everyday, you understand that for different styles, colors, textures, climates, chemicals general rules can be broken!! 

So I have been getting chemical relaxers since the age of 5......I know it sounds crazy but believe it or not my mom was educated by a hair dresser in the 80s that everything would be okay.  I don't have a bad story about all my hair falling out or anything like that but my brain is fried ;-) hehe If you know me you would think it was really odd that I still get them considering how much I talk about being "natural". 

Since I do use a powerful chemical that is extremely damaging, These products have been repairing my hair keeping it in tip top shape!  Here they are:

Awaphui Wild Ginger Moisturizing Shampoo
Awaphui Wild Ginger Keratin Cream Rinse (Conditioner)

Why I love it?..............Keratin is the natural protein in our hair that is stripped away by various treatments.  This product gives love to our hair making it whole again :-).  It's also 100% Sulfate-free which is a harsh detergent that can strip your hair of its natural oils.  I know a lot of us are addicted to the lather but I think this sulfate free shampoo lathers pretty well.  Last but not least....Awaphui is a beautiful flower that grows in Hawaii! John Paul Mitchell Systems has their own Awaphui farm there....Cool huh?

Deep Conditioning treatments are a MUST!! Once a week I use this:

Awaphui Wild Ginger Keratin Intensive Treatment
Keratriplex Treatment

You can purchase this and use it at home as directed.  The Keratriplex Treatment (pictured to the right) is usually done by a professional in a salon.  It is a concentrated keratin protein blend that repairs your hair.

If you want to try a product before buying it, find a salon that uses the particular brand and have your hair stylist show you how it works!

I know how to give myself good sex in the sinky!! ;-) Hopefully your getting it as good as I do!!

So here's to Happy Healthy Hair
Hugs and Kisses Love Candy Girl :-)