Saturday, June 30, 2012

Make use of a Tank Top you NEVER wear!!!!

Every girl knows Costume Jewelry is a must!!!! It's that certain pair of earrings that only go with that one outfit! You know the earrings we spend a couple of bucks on for that one night! They might fade out with a couple uses.  Or the earrings that are sooo big they get tangled up in our drawers.  How about you don't even know what you own cause you CAN'T SEE IT! We wish we were the "celebrity type" with the walk in closet space not only for clothes but our accessories!  Its not necessarily the fanciest but......I might have a solution for your earrings!! It doesn't cost anything, ITS FREE!!!!!I know all of us have a tank top, t-shirt, or piece of cloth we NEVER use!

I took a tank top I never use, pinned it to my bathroom wall with thumb tacks and poked my earrings in them!!! YEP that easy! Now I can see all of them when I get dressed, I know what I have and they're not being tangled in my jewelry box! I keep my precious jewels (which are usually smaller in size) in my jewelery box! 

TIP:  I usually put all the backs to the earrings in a section of my jewelry box.

This is helping me a lot until I come up with something that's a little more fancy ;-) I told my mom about it last year and she told my aunt. They LOVE it!!  Now I am sharing it with you, because I know a lot of us have this problem and I'm sure you are dying without this solution! haha

Let me know if you have any similar interesting ideas!!
Happy earring and other miscellaneous item hanging :-)

Love Sweet Candy Girl! :-)

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