Friday, July 27, 2012

Blinged out Lilac Letters for Laylah :-)

Things are a changing :-) and I'm supper excited about it!!!  If you are like me, you can't stand for a room to stay the same way for very long! Even if you don't buy new things, changing the position of your sofa, tables, or TV etc. gives you a different vibe. Or shall I say a different chi ;-)  I seriously change around every room in my house every other day.  It can be as small as the position of a candle haha.

Sooooo, I'm totally redoing Laylah's room!  She had the standard pink room with white furniture.  We switched out her white 4 in 1 crib (we ended up using it 3 different ways), and went with Espresso furniture.  I kept thinking this type of furniture was fit for a boy, and all the advertisement paired it up with blues and sporty items! I finally said forget it!!, thought outside the box and I'm going to pair it up with shades of violet! Purples, lilac, lavpp-]]\ (that was a small message from Scarlett :-) hehe) lavender and other soft shades. 

I hope to add a lot more personal pieces and crafting to her room this time! I also want to come up with some ways to include her involvement.  This should be fun!

My first piece........I still love the idea of letters spelling her name on the wall so I decide to repaint the letters she already had.  I didn't have purple so I decide to mix red and blue ,little to dark, so I mixed in a little white, better, but not really! Laylah helped me make a decision by secretly painting/scribbling on some of the letters while I wasn't looking.  So back to Hobby Lobby I went! They still had the exact same letters from 4 years ago and they were still 50% off. Whoop! 

It took about 4 coats to look good.  I remembered when I painted her pink letters, I painted it with a texture because I couldn't figure out how to paint with a smooth coat. :-)  I also added some bling this time to shine it up, I'm very satisfied with the outcome. 

Here they are.....

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