Monday, August 6, 2012

Candy's Head Dress! :-)

I have been interested in buying a head piece/jewelry.  They are showing up everywhere but I have yet to find one worth buying or that I can afford.  I have to say one person I think works the look very well and has pieces anywhere from $200.00 to $500.00 NICOLE RICHIE!!! (I know right!!!.....she's soooo amazing and a fab designer!!) :-)

So I made one myself.  It's a very simple piece, that took me no time because I brought the chain links, linked them together and added a key charm :-)  I would like to take the time do some elaborate handmade pieces in the future. Or purchase some that are my style.  Until then, here it is.............

Back view, Key Charm detail

If you can tell, Laylah got into my mascara (again) while I was making it. haha

Front View

Side View :-)

Next time I will defiantly where this piece with my extensions to look extra hippie chic :-)

Happy Head Pieces :-) Love Candy Girl!

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