Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A place for Bows to live :-)

I'm so happy I decide to make some letter bow holders for my girls!! :-) Of course there are some beautiful, unique bow holders I could buy, but I thought...."I can do that!"

The whole point of a bow holder is to........hold bows hahahahaha. Mommies we want to make sure we keep track of all the pretty little bows for our little girls. Especially in the new world of homemade bows right? :-) We want to avoid buying double or using the same one just because we're in a hurry and it is on top of the pile.

I simply painted the letters with acrylic, added a design, polka dots or strips, and of course blinged them out!


This is Scarlett's bow holder, her room is still accented in Pink!

I am very proud of myself :-)

This is Laylah's aka Charlie lol, we have changed her accent color to Violet!

YOU CAN DO IT TO!!!!!!!  Or I am totally down for making more :-)

(I am also excited to say I wrote this blog on My Macbook pro, and added the pics on my iPad!! At least I tried!, Can't wait to really get creative with my blogging :-) )

Here's to Bows having a place to live! :-)

Love Candy Girl <3

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