Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My Cleaning Friends :-)

I have really tried to convince myself that cleaning is so fun!! :-( ha ha Since the beginning of time I know it's a must to clean with music!! My mom taught me that!  ;-) It gives you a pep in your step, helps you move a little faster, relax and imagine your somewhere else besides cleaning.

 I have memories of certain songs (Angel Grant "Live your life" "Lil Red Boat" <3 ) that go along with smells of Lysol, Windex, and Mr. Clean.  Of course I still use these products but I have grown to LOVE something better!! It's Mrs. Meyers Clean Day.....AHHHmazing!!!! Lavender scent is my favorite, and all the scents are aroma therapeutic.  It's relaxing and doesn't have an artificial smell.  I use to find the products at the Neighborhood food co-op in Carbondale IL. www.neighborhood.coop  (LOVE THIS PLACE)  Now I can find it at Wal-mart!

This product is my go to everyday! Spills, dishes, bathtub, a lil pick me up :-)......this stuff does the trick.  Smells soooooo good and relaxing!!!!  It's Eco friendly, so I'm sure that means it cost more, but.....I'm addicted.  I recently went to the website and found so much more information as well as other scents I never knew they had because the stores are limited.  www.mrsmeyers.com  I can't wait to order some more things I don't see in the store!!

COUNTER TOP SPRAY, ALL PURPOSE, & DISH SOAP    *Laundry Detergent......not pictured*

I love this stuff for everyday use, but if I really want to disinfect, or scrub a really dirty spot, I need to go back to my roots and use all the unhealthy chemically induced products!!!! ;-)

I think it's the smell that really gets me!!!!!!!

Here's to Music while cleaning!!! 

Sweet Candy Girl :-)

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