Thursday, June 14, 2012

DIY: Dip Dye Bleach Denim

I have really got back to my creative side of DO IT YOURSELF fashion!! I have been exploring ideas and since it is summer time I thought it was appropriate to revamp some denim shorts.  This idea is as easy as it looks! Seriously just dip your shorts in bleach and POW! A new fun casual look for the summer!

What you need:
1.) Pair of shorts
2.) Bucket
3.) Bleach
4.) Gloves

This is from last year on one of my favorite fashion sites

1.) Fill bucket up with bleach and a little water. ( I did not do any measurements, I try to stay away from things like that unless I'm really clueless haha) Make sure it is at the level you want the color to change. Remember you could always do more but you can't take away.

2.) Put on your gloves....

3.) Place shorts in bucket standing upright....

4.) Let them sit for and hour checking on them occasionally until desired look

5.) Get them out and rinse with water..

6.) Wash them alone for the first time,then they should be fine to wash with other things as long as the bleach is washed out

7.) POW.....New shorts :-)

Here's mine...........
I think  should distress mine a little more :-)

I did these before I thought about my blog so I don't have a before pic....sorry!  This is an outfit I put together for a day of running errands :-) Mustard tiered tank and wedges...Perfect!

Here's to mommas workin summer fashion!!
!!!!!TRY IT!!!!!!!!
Hugs and Kisses...Love Candy Girl!! <3

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