Monday, February 11, 2013

Homemade Valentines!

I forget how talented I am sometimes because almost everything is made ready to buy at the store.  Using my creativity helps me exercise my brain (think), relieves stress and gives me great confidence.  I hope to pass these ways to my children so they understand confidence and all the ways to "get er done" :-)

Nothing like starting with Arts & Crafts at home!  Home Schooling at its best!

Last year, at this time I was in school so my girls went to a daycare.  These ideas didn't even cross my mind.  Laylah was not as skilled in writing and Scarlett wasn't even a year old.  We just went out and bought cartoon character Valentines like Olivia and Yo Gabba Gabba.

This year we are doing it in the eyes of Styles of Candyland.  On our own, inspired by, independent, using our hands and getting dirty! :-)

I didn't have to go to the store to make these.  Everything we used I found right here at home.

1) Construction Paper
2) Crayons, Markers, Paint
3) Scissors
4) Toilet Paper roll (Pinterest idea)
5) Glue

 1) Printed hearts from the Internet
2) Laylah wrote names, colored, and glued small hearts
3) Stamped cardboard toilet paper roll into a heart (Pinterest Arts and Crafts) w/ paint
4) Finally we need to think of a treat to glue/tape....healthy or junk?

Family, Friends or School Friends...... this is a great idea!  Laylah will be proud and ready to hand out her Valentines cards!!

If you have other homemade ideas please let me know! Or if you think the 4 year olds should have more junk food or a healthy treat?

Here's to homemade Love.......Thanks for reading!!

Love Sweet Candy Girl!! <3

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