Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Me, A Domestic Diva?

Seriously Satisfying! So I have been turning over a new leaf of health in my house.  I am on a journey to change our eating habits and limit fast food as much as possible!  I really felt like I was giving my children the best meals possible, but in reality it was a lot of talk and no action.

I Love baking!! So I will bake cakes, cookies, and cinnamon rolls etc.  And for the past 4 years I have been known to make some mean Holiday dinners!  Although sooooo good a lot of these foods are processed, fattening, and drain our energy.  I have been slacking on healthy "everyday" meals and snacks.

We all know anything homemade is better for you right?  I have only mastered a few things from scratch and my goal is to master many more.  I have been conscious of these decisions everyday almost everyday (lol) for almost a month now and I can totally tell a difference in my whole family.

Thanks to deep prayer, meditation, and journal entries I have made this defined strength adjustment in soooo many parts of my life, and I am feeling more energetic, confident, and all around happy! 

Me with Sweetie Pies Mac and Cheese (There are many recipes out there! Just make sure to add *white pepper and *sour cream) :-)

So with that being said I want to share a simple healthier choice to potato chips.  Me and my girls love these.  I have actually been eating Kale since it got a lot of hype in the media. My girls love to help in the kitchen so it's super simple for them to rip the kale into pieces.

1) Wash Kale
2) Rip Kale into pieces
3) Sprinkle Olive Oil, Sea Salt & Fresh Ground Pepper (It's the best!!!)
4) Bake in oven for 10-15min or until your desired crispness

I am a Susie homemaker in training! ;-) The chips crunch,  plus the olive oil and salt give it a greasy chip taste.  But of course I still love my Doritos every once in a while! lol

Here's to baking Kale!

Love Candy Girl! :-) Kiss Kiss

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