Sunday, February 17, 2013

Ombre Valentine

Of course I wore red on Valentines. :-)  I used a velvet lip technique and came up with a great cocktail with the same color palette as my lips.  It turned out perfect and smooth like Velvet!

Ombre Valentine

This lip technique gives the lips an ombre effect, starting with one color and fading into another.  You can apply as much or as little resulting in greater dimension. Blend well!
Shell cream color base as a highlight under brow and on cheek bone. 
Pink nails from the day before but it adds the perfect touch*.....Who says red and pink don't mesh well?

Step by Step........

All about the LIPS:
Satin M.A.C Red - prime and moister
Matte Russian Red - no shine, velvet finish
Outline - coffee eye pencil - Mac

I was inspired by Pinterest to use Pomegranate juice and Citrus Vodka.  I have experience as a bartender so I figured I could handle the rest. ;-)  I garnished a glass with one raspberry and one blackberry and added a squeeze of fresh lime juice.  It was a perfect combination for the occasion.  The picture I took was great because it captured the ombre effect do to the blackberry sinking to the bottom.

I thought this was a great pic taken with my IPad!


Valentines day! 

Here's to living for the occasion!!! ;-)

Love Sweet Candy Girl *Kisses*

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