Thursday, March 7, 2013

Another way to KEEP great skin!!

Make up brushes can be big investments so proper care is important.  Washing your brushes will limit breakouts and skin irritations.  All you need is soap and water and maybe a quick cleanser such as MAC Brush Cleanser  for in between jobs.

Whether real or synthetic I always use a mild soap (usually baby shampoo).  Simply rotate your brush in a circular motion on your hand or flat surface, repeat as needed, then rinse in cold/warm water with brushes facing the drain.  Try not to drown the brushes in water because the hair is glued to the base and bristles will start to fall off. :-(  If you are worried about using too much water while cleaning, use a bowl for cleaning and one for rinsing.

Next, genitally squeeze out moisture with towel or fingers, shape bristles back to original shape and either let them hang off the side of something or place upright in a brush holder.

Here is to clean brushes for beautiful flawless skin!

Love Sweet Candy Girl!<3 <3 <3

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