Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Pintrest Haul! ;-)

Pinterest!!!!......I currently feel like it is taking over my life. Lol  If you use Pinterest you know what I am talking about.  So many categories and ideas to Pin up.  Whether it's for inspiration, ideas to use, DIY, or just to look at pictures......it's Ahhhhmazballs! hahaha

I look at it as my overloaded online Dream Board! I want to rate and share some of the ideas that I have used on my own.  It's a really fun way to test your creativity and set "realistic" goals for yourself.  Resulting in a Pinterest addiction......

Hull Strawberries using a Straw! Visit 25 clever ideas to make life easier!
I think this is a great idea when you need a lot of strawberries!  The strawberries get stuck in the straw, then I had to find something thin and strong to push all of it out.  Overall a useful tip!


I tried getting this pot clean for a good 2 weeks before I decided to search Pinterest.  I Boiled Vinegar in my burnt pot for 5 min, washed/scrubbed as normal and........"Ding" my pot was good as new! :-)


 I added some white rice and a fresh pre-packaged stir-fry.  I believe this was a healthy worry free home cooked meal.  I used to struggle with my food not turning out like the picture with the recipe.  I now realize, it will always be "my version" of........(the meal).  But it looks pretty good right?  Click HERE to get this recipe.


 ( This meal was inspired by Oven Baked Tacos) But I decided not to duplicate.

 My Taco Style
1) Deep fried tortilla shells dipped in store bought Queso sauce (Next time I will try the Queso dip recipe I found because I was not impressed)
2)Taco Bell Seasoning
3)Tomato, Avocado, Mexican style Cheese, Sour Cream, Mild Sauce


 Last but not least :-) My sister-in-law was over and showed me this idea (from Pinterest), we tried it and honestly it didn't work.  It stayed light for a couple of seconds but I am so interested that I will be trying it again! :-)

That's all folks :-)

Here is to to trying new things at home thanks to......PINTEREST!!!

Kisses... Candy Girl :-)

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