Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Modern 40s / 50s Look

This particular style had me channeling the forties & fifties.

Starting with my hair, I tried the same technique in my last blog Curly Hair but it really didn't come out the same, but I still loved it.  I did bigger sections so they ended up with a slight wave, like pin curls, and they were moisturized and smooth.  Which took my look in a totally new direction. 

I focused on darker fall colors for my make up and tried new eyelashes.  MUST HAVE LIPS FOR FALL...... PLUMS, VIOLETS, PURPLES!!! VAMP!

 Lips: Cover Girl / Color: Euphoria


Brand:  Kiss / These are a little more challenging to place on your lashes because the band is a little more firm and doesn't bend as well.  Each lash is lined up thinner on the inside and gets thicker in the middle towards the outside.  Reminds me of a smokey eyed eyelash :-/ :-))


Dress:  Windsor
Shoes: Pictured HERE

The top of the peplum dress was a khaki color with a super sexy low cut neckline.  The bottom half of the dress is black and made it very sophisticated and business like.  Along with the classic style pumps modernized with a capped toe.

Revlon: Vixen / Shape: Square 



Here is to channeling older styles in a modern world and "dressing up" where ever you go!

Putting a look together takes lots of inspiration from your surroundings, thoughts and imagination.  I love putting it together in real life for the girl who dreams.

Love Candy Girl!!!

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