Monday, October 21, 2013

Costume/Fashion Jewelry Care

I want to share some information with all girls alike :-)) and guys ;-) about limiting costume and fashion jewelry from tarnishing and fading making some pieces last many seasons to come.

As far as shopping for my jewelry, I strive to buy and provide all my Styles of Candyland customers with the best quality pieces.

Steps to take proper care..........

  • I usually store my fine jewelry in my jewelry box separate from my costume jewelry, which  always has a new place do to my DIY projects ......... check this one out.....Tank Top! :-) 

  • It's EVEN BETTER to store your costume jewelry in a plastic Ziploc bag if you do not own  jewelry pouches/bags/boxes, which I make sure all my customers receive with there purchase! :-)

  • Most importantly be cautious of water and any other type of moisture for example but not limited to perfumes and lotions.  If this happens wipe it off immediately!

  • Never use silver cleaner, alcohol or soap........ if anything personally I MIGHT use Windex to shine something up........ but rarely! :-) 

  • Use a Soft cloth to wipe debir and/or shine!

We all know they don't last FOREVER! But................

Here is to helping your costume jewelry last for Seasons to come!! :-)

Love Candy Girl :-)

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