Monday, September 23, 2013

Black and Gold.....FALL KICK OFF!!!

I feel like this was my first official kick-off to my fall wardrobe and I have to say I was feeling chic and elegant with an urban flare. ;-)

If you haven't got the Gold memo....... it's time to listen up!! GOLD IS HAUGHT, HAUGHT HAUGHT!!!!  Next time you are shopping in the mall, take a look around......Gold is trending and Silver is taking a back seat.  Of course this only applies to folks who like to stay up-to-date and fashion forward.  Please do not get offended, fashion conversations get real serious lol.

I would have to say I find great pleasure in a large gold chain linked necklace.  I still get excited about putting it on!  I sold this particular necklace pictured with my dress in my Styles of Candyland boutique which I no longer carry.  I do have more of a variety coming soon on my website or Click Here to purchase a more casual 3 chains necklace!!

I really like the large classic link because it has more of an urban edge for me, but as you see there are many ways to reinvent this gold necklace and make it relevant to your style.


Dress: Tunic Pattern w/ faux leather details shoulders 
Dressed cinched in with belt
Belt: Styles of Candyland
Shoes: Bakers Classic pump w/ capped toe

Complete look with Red cosmetics!! Nails (Gel: Bing Cherries) and Lip (MAC: Mac Red)

I took an all black dress, and added richness with gold and shinny accessories and daring red cosmetics! <3 <3

Order Mirror Plated Belt HERE!


Here is to approaching FALL with a lil BLACK & GOLD!!!

Do you love a black and gold combination?  Or tell me what your favorite combo is.........

FALL....... the season to create HIGH FASHION!!!

Love Candy Girl! Kisses

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