Saturday, September 7, 2013

Sophisticated @ Forever 21 (Bow top trend)

These are some pieces I put together from Forever 21,  I have heard people say it is for 21 year olds hahaha........ So that means I can't wear it? Or find anything appropriate for my age? LOL PEOPLE, THERE ARE NO RULES IN REAL FASHION!!  (Of course there are some moments ;-)) Are you confident? Does it look good? SELF CONFIDANTS makes all the difference.
People will believe in you, when you believe in yourself.  

I used to strive for someone "like" me, in reality we are all different and we will "never" find someone like ourselves.  The more confident I feel in myself the more it will shine on the outside, and I will succeed in places I never thought were possible.

For me, an outfit can boost my energy off the charts! :-)

I LOVE a trend but I try to mix and match, so it's important to mix the trend and the classic pieces together for balance in the outfit.

I didn't get a picture in this outfit.....but here it is.......

Bow Top: Forever 21 (4 seasons ago)
High waisted Pencil Skirt:  Forever 21 (3 seasons)
Mirror Belt: Styles of Candyland
Shoes:  Jessica Simpson (2-3 seasons) Classic Matte Leather

Here is to Bow Tops and staying young, shopping at Forever 21! hehe

Love Candy Girl

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