Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Day Time Maxi (Dress for your Body type)

Since Black & White are one of my favorite combinations, it is only appropriate that I own a striped maxi in this same theme.  I own others, but this by far takes the cake because the lines give my shape an amazing illusion of curves! Whoop

Do you know your body type? Have you ever thought about it?  Here is a beginner body type guide for a stylist to determine the appropriate dress style for a client.  This can be very important when finding a wedding dress, prom or any other "big" event that you need to be dressed appropriately for. 

There are always exceptions to the rule. ......these are JUST GUIDELINES!!! <3

I am an inverted triangle..............let me explain what this maxi does for me.........

Special thanks to my 5 year old photographer - Laylah :-) lol She was totally willing because I gave her chocolate in exchange!

Dress:  RUE 21!
Do you notice the direction of the vertical lines drawing your eye towards the center making my waist appear thinner? Which makes the outside lines higher giving the illusion of bigger hips!  As well as the back side that draws attention to the small of my back and draws the eye outward on to my gluteus maximus! hehe ;-)

This is what it means to dress for your body type! <3

I practice some commercial modeling and take plenty of pictures for my business so it is important for me to know my angles as to what is flattering to my creative eye.  

Lately I have been running / jogging / walking and eating better which helps confidence towards my "two time" pre-baby body!  I need to add weights and/or some type of toning and firming exercises then I'll be set!!

Shoes: Kohls / Candies
It is only appropriate to wear high platform wedges because the dress is way too long otherwise. ;-)  This makes me look extra long and lean!  If wearing flats, hemming without cutting off extra fabric is necessary (In case you want it longer in the future).  

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Here is to wearing more Black & White and dressing for your body type (shape).

Love Candy Girl!! :-)

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