Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Sparkling Sweater and Shoes

Outfit of the week.....
My mom had a holiday party at her house this past week and I went shopping with some of my family, this is what I wore......

Sequin Sweater - H&M
Sequin Uggs - Ugg Australia
Ring & Hoop earrings - Styles of Candyland

Jeans - Hollister Co.

Nail Polish - Wet n Wild - Need a Refresh/ Mint
Lip Glass - MAC - Underage 
I was casual because of the jeans, sweater and Uggs.  But Glamorous because most of it was embellished with sequins :-) LOVE!!
Here's to Sequins!!!!
Hope everyone had wonderful Christmas Celebrations!!! :-)
KISS KISS -  <3 Candy Girl

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