Thursday, December 6, 2012

Favorite Christmas Decor

ALLLL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IISSS YYYOOOUUUUU--UUUU... YOUUUUU- U- U BAYBA (In my Mariah Carey voice, because I sound just like her). Don't even say it because I know it's true! ;-)

I want to share some materialistic things that make me smile around the Christmas holidays that I can wake up too and see in my own home. 

Of course I love the TREE........ this year Laylah is older and helped out a lot. First I let her and Scarlett decorate it while I was cooking one night and all the ornaments ended up in the bottom front part of the tree :-) (wish I took a pic) I really like to decorate Christmas in winter white golds, silvers, hints of red and green. My fiance insist we keep the tradition alive with allllllll the colors so I always have to settle for the different colored lights. :-( but it still looks beautiful. :-)

Then we have the one and only Mariah Carey Merry Christmas CD, the one from the 90's, not her newest although I enjoy that one as well.  I know I can download it to my phone, listen to it from the net, my computer, lap top, satellite radio, ITunes, Pandora or whatever but there is nothing like having the CD! :-) Mariah Carey is a MUST at Christmas!!


Next we have my growing Christmas town.  I have always admired these things since I was a little girl.  So when they were discounted in my face at Big Lots a couple years ago I had to have them.  The house and toy store no longer light up because of corrosion on the battery thingy (I'm sure there is some way to get it off but guess I don't feel like it at the moment?)  The big church is my staple piece!  If I was someone in the town I'd be Ice skating!!!......

Here are some very special traditional ornaments that I will keep forever! They represent my children and my mother still puts ours on her tree as well (Last I checked). The bassinet stroller is Scarlett's and the picture is Laylah.  Although They are both cracked do to a certain 4 year old I will try my best to keep them alive!! I do wish Scarlett had a pic, but its never to late so I just might do that!  And if I have to keep a traditional ball it's gonna sparkle. ;-)

Last but not least my dog's Santa outfit.  hahahahaha she's 5 now so I'd say it's her 4th year wearing it.  Can't keep the hat on her but I always manage to get a picture in. :-)

That pretty much sums up my favorite decor in my home!....Oh yea and the mistletoe....duhh!! haha
What are some of your favorite things?
Hope everyone has wonderful Christmas celebrations and don't for get to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS!!!!!!!!
Hugs and Kisses!!
Candy Girl :-)

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