Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Lorac Shadow Palette & a Day Beauty Look

BUYING MAKE-UP FOR A BIG GIRL IS LIKE BUYING CANDY FOR LITTLE ONES!!! Yes sweet addiction of wanting more....and more.....and more....and did I say more. hehe 

I took my first trip to Ulta Beauty this summer and bought an eye shadow palette.  It was the most expensive palette I ever purchased without a professional discount.  So when my daughter Laylah took it out of my purse and plastered it all over her face and some on her sister, I was a little upset.  Imagine a toddler tantrum if you took their candy (that's how I felt) haha ;-)  Partly because I didn't want them to get it on my tan/cream colored sofa and she used a lot because she left holes in it, turned out like this..................Yeah, I know, and I only used it a couple times :-(

Lorac - Color me Couture 5 shade eyeshadow palette/ infused with Mother of Pearl - Ulta
This is a very soft palette for my skin tone which I love for a day time application!

Eyes - Soft Gold w/ Soft Smoky eye - 3 middle shades above in Lorac palette
Eyelashes - IEnvy - Kings Beauty Fairview Heights IL
Cheeks - Pinch me blush - MAC
Lips - Hot Passion - Covergirl - Walgreens
Nails - On a trip - Wet n Wild & Big money - Sally Hansen Gem crush


Eye close up/ Profile

Glimpse of a Styles of Candyland Tribal earring
This is a staple look I wear when I apply make up.  Unless I have a theme or girls night out. I love an open eye so my day look never requires eye liner. 
Here's to Beauty stores!!!!!! and WEAR RED LIPS......Makes you sooooo happy :-)
Love Candy Girl! :-)
Kiss Kiss
Thanks for Reading!! :-)


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