Thursday, November 15, 2012

Body Wash Diaries

For some time now I have NOT been a commercial body wash girl.  I don't do Bath and Bodyworks, Victoria Secret, I'm not to fond of things like Caress, Dove, or Tone.  So before I dress I do not Caress haha 

Of course I will use those things but they are definitely not my choice!  There is something very artificial about the smells that I just don't care for.  I am a sucker for lavender! (I have said this before about My Cleaning Friends :-)

I prefer things on the "natural" side like Avalon Organics, Yesto, Burt's Bees etc.

I did try something I found in the commercial section at Wally World that I would consider buying again! It's Organix Moroccan Argan Oil Body wash.  I know this is not organic, or considered a natural product!  But I love it all the same :-)  It does contain argan oil which is plant based and comes from the earth so obviously an A+ for me.  It leaves my skin feeling soft.  I adore the exotic smell, and I even wash my babies with it sometimes.  (FYI: It doesn't prevent crying)  There is also a product line of Moroccan oil I like to use on my daughters wavy/curly hair! (That's a different story I can talk about later!)

Side note: Another oils I adore and use on my skin and scalp daily, olive oil & coconut oil!

There are other scents in this brand but I have yet to try them.....If you have, Let me know what you think, good or bad!

Here's to Body Bubbles

Love, Candy Girl

Kiss Kiss

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