Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Wax, Thread or Tweeze?....My "Perfect" Brow!

Eyebrows are a MUST!!! Especially if I am not wearing make-up, it is my make-up.  it gives me a crisp line with a hint of highlighting right under my brow because it is super clean.  If there is one thing that bothers me when I am doing someones make-up it is the messy eyebrows! 

Ideally, besides some filling in, they are already attached to your face so it is part of the canvas. 

Side note: At one point in my life I used to completely shave the whole brow off, then draw it back in?  I know, it makes no since! The pictures are totally painful to look at! hahahaha

Threading is the ideal way I use to clean up my brows!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!! NOTHING IS BETTER!!!  Does it hurt?  Of course! hahaha but after a while you get used to it and it may even feel good! :-)  It's like pulling or tweezing multiple hairs at a time.  The line is super duper clean and super duper straight!  Everytime they get done I look in the mirror and think....ahhhhh flawless!

Waxing is my second choice which I do myself.  The line is super clean and "straight enough".  You may have to repeat in the same area but avoid doing it a 3rd, 4th, or 5th time because you began to remove layers of your skin which may cause bleeding and infection. 

Tweezing is honestly a must in between services and even if you miss a few while waxing.  Always pull in the direction the hair grows. 

Shaving is a NO NO, it's just wrong LOL 

If you are not up to date on your eyebrows you are left with one option.  You must camouflage the hairs by using concealer or foundation.  But there is only some much make up you can use before it starts to look like you are trying too hard to cover something up!

This is an example of what Threading can do for you. As well as a STUD eyebrow pencil from Mac You will need to adjust the color according to your skin tone.  My eyebrows were not Horrible but I could not go another day! :-)

This is my idea of a "perfect" eyebrow!

Here's to Arching :-)

Love Candy Girl!

Kiss Kiss :-*

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