Friday, November 16, 2012

No Brainer Turkey Cookies

I wanted to make a festive treat for my daughter Laylah's pre-school class.  I think I googled thanksgiving treats or something like that :-/  This took minimal time, Laylah got to help, very simple, not messy and little clean up.

I purchased these 5 items from Schnucks.  Already cut out ready to bake sugar cookies.  Reese's pieces, Candy corn (yuck), chocolate icing and orange gel icing (I expect the icing to be true to the color on the package but it wasn't, so my beak didn't show up like I wanted).

 Bake the Cookies......

 Ice the Cookies................

 Place Candy Corn as feathers, Reese's Pieces as eyes, and draw a beak with orange gel icing.......

And EAT!......Very simple and fun for kids.  Do you have any quick easy treats?

Here's to Cookies that look like Turkeys!!

Happy Thanksgigving :-)

Love Candy Girl! :-)

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