Friday, November 9, 2012

Weekly outfit.....Urban Business Casual! :-)

I thought I should start posting more of my fashion ideas, statements, and thoughts :-)  My goal is to post my favorite outfit of the week.  It will be an ensemble that made me feel confident and sexy!

I will try to incorporate the brand and/or where I purchased it.  And remember, MONEY DOES NOT BUYS STYLE!!!!.  Also keep in mind every one's style is different! There are different types of "Fashion Police", so don't be afraid to break the law ;-).  Sometimes you could have all the items in your closet but just never thought about paring them together!  If you need help don't hesitate to hire me :-)

This is my FIRST Out Fit of the week Post.....Enjoy!

Urban Business Casual
  • Black and white stripped Blazer - Kohl's
  • Black Long Tank - Forever 21
  • Black faux leather front and Polyester back leggings - Forever 21
  • Black Suede Knee Boots w/ tie - Bakers (4 seasons going strong)


  • Oversized Big Rimmed Cat Eyed Sunglasses - EBay
  • Thick Gold Chain Linked Necklace - Itsrichgirlz
  • Faux Leather and Chain Cross Bracelet - Styles of Candyland
Happy Dressing
Here's to Faux leather!!
Love, Candy Girl :-)


  1. Where did you get the cross bracelet from? THere is one on your site but it is not the same.

    1. Yea, this one is sold out. :-( If I get it back in stock I will message you! Thanks for your interest!! :-)