Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Moccasins for a Thanksgiving Party!

We celebrated Thanksgiving this week with Laylah's pre-K class.  I giggled a lot listening to the conversations these little people came up with.  They are all so entertaining! haha 

The outfit I wore was very comfortable but still stylish.  I always think of brown for this holiday.  And what is more festive then fringe this season?  Channel your inner Indian! haha 

Memories:  When I was 6 or 7, I took a trip with my aunt Angela from Florida to California.  On our way we stopped in Arizona and got moccasins! I was soooooooo happy! I got back to school that fall and the day we were covering Indians I wore my Moccasins.  I was sooooo excited to show them off!! Felt like the coolest kid! haha................Then I lost them and remember being really sad! :-/

Here's my outfit of the week!..................

Casual with Kids

Peach effortless flowing (style of my moment) T-shirt - Windsor
White Tank - American Eagle
Dark Blue Jeggings (Jean Leggings) - Wet Seal (Perfect for playing with kids!)

Cream Scarf - Unknown
Brown Minnetonka fringe Moccasins - Journeys

Gold Chain link and button bracelet - Styles of Candyland (Sold Out)
Brown wooden circle ring - Unknown
Oval hoop crystal earrings - Styles of Candyland
Heart Diamond necklace - Booski Gift :-)
This outfit worked well for this particular event!  I was comfortable but still felt fab!
Here's to Moccasins for Thanksgiving! :-)
Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving Feast!!!
Love Candy Girl! :-)

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