Monday, November 5, 2012

My wet cocktail (at the moment)!

I always wear my hair straight, so up keep is important to keep it "healthy" and manageable! Especially since this is not the normal curl/wave pattern of my hair.  Other than the relaxer, deep condition, shampoo, conditioner & coconut oil etc.  There are some other products I like to use as well to keep my style on point. :-) 

My 2 favorite go to products that I like to cocktail are as follows in this order: Super Skinny Serum and Olive oil wrapping mousse.

I make sure my hair is towel dried because if it is still wet it will not absorb all the goodies.

I pump (as many as needed) the super skinny serum into my hand, rub it in then run it through my hair.  EVERYWHERE! It smells and feels delicious ;)

Next I take the Olive oil wrapping mousse and do the same.

I comb it through with a wide tooth comb and wrap it with a vented brush.  Place my hair wrap on and wait for it to dry.  (this is ideal, but time may call for a hair/blow dryer).

This by far is not the only products I use for my hair but the products I use while it's wet.  Also known as my wet cocktail ;-)

Here is to Product Junkies

Love Candy Girl!! 


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  2. Thanks for the info!!! I totally used it!!