Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What I wore for 5 years of love!

SO HERE I GO, debating when I should write my first blog and what it should be about.  I'm new to all this and I know when you willingly put yourself out, you will be judged, human nature!!!  Well I learned to just do it and jump on in!
Soooooooooooo............I wanna talk about getting ready for my big date (5th anniversary) last night and my inexpensive dress that I wore.  First of all, I was running late like usual and didn't get to paint my nails grrrrrrr totally messed up my outfit groove!  Mothers we have said it before and we'll say it again, we can get dressed too, just say NO to mom jeans (I mean that literally cause we all know high waisted pants can be cute. haha) I was waiting for my mom to arrive and decide to run a hot bath to relax before I get ready.  It is like a going out ritual for me to take a bath by myself!  I went downstairs to grab my clothes, came back up and Laylah (my 3 year old) stole my bath water haha.  Any other time it would be fine for us to grab some tube crayons, bubbles and a barbie! haha Anyway, here's what I wore........

*Not sure of the brand but I bought this dress at Burlington Coat Factory for $20.00...Whoop
*The long feathered earrings I purchased from a friend of mine @
*And the Blue Booties I purchased from Charlotte Russe a couple years ago

So basically I took a simple black and white dress, with some vibrant spring colors and worked it.
I also paired it up with a thicker black belt, Here's what I looked like! :)

As for my makeup, I wanted to keep it simple like I always do, These are all the products and tools I used, I'm not kidding, I kept it simple!!  If you have any questions just ask.  I will be getting more detailed in the future if others are interested!! 

Most of my make up that I'm using is MAC but thats only because I just finished cosmetology school and got a really good deal on all of it!!  I believe drug store makeup is just as important, That's why it's there right?  Especially if someone claims to be a makeup artist, they can make it work!!  They even use Cover girl, Revlon etc. during New Yorks Fashion Week!

So I had a great time with my Love and we can't wait to add on many more years!!!

Well thats all folks, Please comment or leave suggestions etc. Im ready to write :-)

-Love your sweet candy girl :-) Kiss kiss
-Please excuse any typos hehe

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