Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mothers Day Make Over....Black and White Glam!!!

For Mothers Day, I was really happy to get dolled up in my hair, make up, heels etc.  I wanted to celebrate motherhood looking and thinking on top of my game.  ;-) That's all I ever want LOL.  I pin curled my hair .........which gave me this FABULOUS sort of Old Hollywood side flowing curls and applied a full face of make up (Nothing says glam like a red lip!).

I had been waiting for the perfect occasion to where this dress I got last year from an online store called Sabo Skirt. <3 <3 <3

Color of Nails - White :-)
I thought I should capture this idea in Black and White!

I felt soooooo good on the inside and out! I was radiating with confidence.......which is why I kept making Skylar take more photos! haha

As a little girl I wanted to be a fashion designer and/or stylist! I have a knack for fashion and over all imagery! Although I have yet to finish my Fashion Design degree....I think it is appropriate to say I am a Stylist in all areas. "I am a every women, it's all in me........!!! Anything you want done babay I'll do it naturally"! LOL

I love what I do and my industry! I am truly passionate and use "it" in all areas of my life.  I understand the feeling of getting dressed with all the small details that make a big difference for only a couple of hours.  To "play a part" and "dream" of an image you were not born with.  It really means the world to some of us and I am here to make that happen! I have a journey ahead of me and I am ready to stay on the road I was born to take!! :-)

Here is to.........the glamorous side of black and white PLUS.....LIVING OUT YOUR DREAMS!! ;-)

Love Candy Girl!! Kiss Kiss

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